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Rewards Club Supplier Application

Business Details    

 4Trading Name:    

 4Business Type:     Other:  

 4Trading Address: (Please email a store listing for multiple stores)


        Suburb/Town:    State:    Postcode:

 4Contact Name:        Position:    

 4Telephone (trading):       Mobile or office phone:  

 4Mail Address:   Same as above


        Suburb/Town:    State:    Postcode:

 4Email:      website:

 4Years trading:     Number of staff including management:    

  Special Offer / Discount

  Note: Offers must be simple, high value and not available to the general public.

 4Rewards Club member offer:

 4Limitations if any: 


1. I agree to honour the “Offer” detailed above for a minimum of 12 months and thereafter continue unless terminated by giving 90 days notice in writing, 2. Rewards Club Australia management may use our business logo, business details and Cardholder offer in advertising and promotions throughout the promotional period,     3. Offer changes must be emailed or faxed giving 2 months notice and are subject to approval.

  I understand and agree to abide by the conditions above.  Yes    No

 4Name:     Position: