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"A local customer loyalty club with leading national brands."

Participating stores only

A VIP offer makes customers feel special, gives an incentive to purchase and a reason to come back - increasing sales, retention and loyalty.

When leading businesses promote together, they create a marketing power that competitors cannot match without a huge cost.

The Rewards ClubTM offers selected leading businesses, the opportunity to build a loyal VIP customer club together with the club industry.


VIP offers can achieve sales and marketing goals including:

  • increased purchase frequency, 

  • increased average purchase amount, 

  • new customer acquisition

  • customer retention and loyalty (reducing visits to competitors),

  • increase cash flow, buying power and reduce obsolete stock

  • increase market share over competitors.

The most successful VIP offers achieve more than one of the following:

  • excite existing and new customers to purchase

  • have a broad customer / product appeal

  • encourage repeat purchase - loyalty

  • offer high customer value at a low or affordable business cost

  • achieve strategic sales or marketing goals

We will help to develop a VIP offer with you that achieves those points mentioned above.


Our product is the combined value of our suppliers and so our advertising is directed to promoting our suppliers offers and brands. Suppliers are promoted via:

1. Website and Smartphone App search and listing

2. Rewards Club VIP Directory printed listing

3. Local Club advertising and marketing

Rewards Club advertising has a number of key advantages over your general advertising including:

  • Rewards Club limits competition (unlike Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio, television and direct mail - competition is limited)

  • Unlike other advertising, Rewards Club members seek, pay and "opt-in" for our directory, emails and marketing material

  • Unlike other advertising - a Rewards Club offer does not lower your price/value to the public - it is an exclusive VIP program



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